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Open Water Diver

Scuba education from B&B Diving and Scuba Schools International (SSI) is the best way to start your scuba adventure. Why? Our training programs are designed with one goal in mind: for you to have serious fun when you dive! And the only way to have a great time diving is to become truly comfortable with the skills and equipment you’ll use. Our small classes are conducted in a casual, relaxed atmosphere that insures personalized attention as you learn to scuba dive at your own pace. We are very flexible, and can arrange classes to fit today’s busy lifestyles. We have convenient week-night and weekend classes available.

All students need to provide their own bathing suit, towel and basic snorkeling equipment for class. Basic snorkeling equipment consists of a scuba-quality mask, open-heel fins, snorkel and neoprene boots. If you do not own these items, rental and demo items are available for use in class. It is important that this equipment fits and functions properly to insure a pleasant, comfortable learning experience. Please consult with a staff member on your equipment needs prior to the start of your class.

What's Included:

SSI Open Water Diver Package: $350.00